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Remarketing is a process that targets qualified audiences via adverts broadcast either to internauts who have already visited your site or to similar audiences. This type of retargeting campaign enables you to satisfy different objectives by targeting varied and precise market segments.

Target qualified audiences

Did you know that 98% of Internet users do not purchase on their first visit to a website? Remarketing enables you to target qualified audiences by broadcasting online ads (most often web banners) to internauts who have already consulted your website or mobile application. Within this framework, we exclusively target individuals who are in an active search phase involving your company and your products/services.

Multiple and fine segmentation

Thanks to retargeting, it has become possible to develop different scenarios based on your site’s audience. Here are a few examples:

  • Exclusive targeting of qualified visitors, by excluding those who have already converted
  • Targeting of abandoned baskets by proposing a promotional code
  • Targeting of recent buyers in order to provoke up-selling
  • Retargeting of individuals who have already viewed one of your video ads on YouTube

Reaching new users

A Google remarketing campaign does not content itself with exclusively targeting Internet users who have already consulted your site. Thanks to Google’s algorithms, profiles that are similar to those of your own visitors can also be accurately identified. Consequently, you can consider extending your impact to reach users with the same centres of interest and the same characteristics as your buyers, even if they have never, as yet, explored your website – hence generating brand new potential for prospecting.

One solution to achieve multiple aims

Besides helping to convince qualified prospects, dynamic remarketing can help you achieve a number of other objectives. Firstly, it enables you to increase your sales by maximising your chances of persuading a potential buyer who is already interested. Secondly, it can prove of interest for generating new prospects thanks to similar remarketing. Finally, it is efficient in boosting your renown and brand awareness.

Universem’s expertise to serve your remarketing campaigns

To create this type of online ad, we follow the steps below:

  1. Definition and implementation of pertinent retargeting scenarios
  2. Identification of the best segments of your existing audience and test
  3. Extension of the scope of remarketing to include new customers
  4. Coaching on the creation of web banners (what format to choose, what message to promote, etc.)

Would you like to retarget users who have already consulted your web pages but who did not convert during their first visit? Setting up a dynamic remarketing strategy can prove an effective solution.

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