Showcase your products through specific campaigns

Google online shopping is a highly popular price comparison service used by ecommerce websites to promote their products. It directly integrates your articles via online adverts that include a photograph, the price and accompanying text. Internauts use this service for their online shopping or to identify products before purchasing them in a physical store.

Boost your sales

Over the years, Google Shop advertising has gained extensive visibility to such an extent that it now surpasses Search advertising. During a search, 25% of product clicks are made on Google Shopping AdWords, which directly responds to Internet users’ buying intentions. Since these potential buyers have reached an active phase in their assessment of available options, click and conversion rates are among the best of all emarketing channels.

Google Shopping ads are far more attractive, for they include an image of the product and a price, hence providing an efficient filter and preventing false clicks.

Combining ecommerce and physical stores

Local inventory ads enable you to highlight all useful information (address, opening hours, stock) for the closest store offering the product. When you consider that 90% of the sales of a brand are always in-store, this ‘extension’ becomes essential for brands with both an ecommerce site and a physical store.

The customer can still purchase the article on line, which leaves him/her with the choice of which channel suits best.

Our Google Shopping experience

To implement a shopping ad campaign, we proceed as follows:

  1. Definition of an ecommerce strategy adapted to suit the seller’s needs and the customer’s aims?
  2. Parametering of the Merchant Center account.
  3. Recommendations and coaching on the creation of product flow.
  4. Publication of Shopping ads and optimisation to improve results.

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