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Display and programmatic ads can help you reach a vast share of users across the globe. They offer finely honed targeting potential thanks to a large range of demographic, behavioural and contextual parameters. They are particularly effective for developing a brand name.

Opportunities not to be missed

Did you know that over 80% of the time spent on the Internet is elsewhere than on search engines? Thanks to display marketing, you can reach a considerable audience. Indeed, the Google Display Network (GDN) offers access to 90% of the worldwide web. A Google display advertising campaign is, first and foremost, effective in developing your brand’s renown, but it can also prove useful in boosting performance and in ensuring audience retention.

High precision targeting

AdWords Display guarantees extremely detailed audience targeting thanks to a vast range of demographic, behavioural and contextual criteria. Its powerful algorithms enable you to categorise personal fields of interest and buying intentions among internauts.

For example, Google is capable of targeting cookery enthusiasts or users who intend to buy a watch at a specific moment in time. You can also choose the sites or applications on which you wish to be displayed, as well as the age groups, sex or even parental status.

RTB and programmatic advertising

Real Time Bidding is different from classical Display advertising in that it includes an automated purchasing process. The process operates in real time via software and specific algorithms. RTB can help boost the performance of your online display advertising campaigns aimed at increasing your renown thanks to its highly specific targeting and bidding system. This type of ad display generally offers a better return on investment.

Our Display and RTB methodology

When we launch display or programmatic advertising campaigns, we proceed as follows:

  • Establishment of a Display strategy that is compatible with other channels in order to cash in on increased renown
  • Coaching on the creation of web banners (what format to choose, what message to highlight, etc.)
  • Campaign set up and optimisation
  • Results analysis and recommendations

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