More than half of connected users are mobile

Smartphones have become an increasingly important part our daily lives. Mobile advertising is more effective than standard Internet ads for it targets users directly at points of purchase. You can also promote an application by engaging your audience.

The smartphone, always at hand

As we all know, the smartphone has become an essential feature in our day-to-day lives, to such an extent that it is almost always close at hand. Every day, 61% of Internet users make a search using their mobile phones. It has consequently become essential that this tool be considered within the context of product and service purchasing.

Spurring the internauts you target to use your mobile app has also become a major challenge. A challenge that is all the more important given the mass of available applications. We can help you to devise your mobile campaign strategy and to boost your presence on this specific medium.

Advertising on mobiles

The impact of a mobile ad is far superior to that of a standard web advertisement. This can be explained by the very essence of the smartphone: its mobility. Indeed, the user who is seated behind a computer screen within his/her home or at work is less engaged than an internaut who is surfing on a mobile phone while out shopping. Thanks to mobile marketing, you can reach your target audience direct at the point of purchase.

Application promotion

If you propose your application to a wide audience, there is far more likelihood it will be downloaded. However, a downloaded app is not necessarily a consulted app. We can help you to define the most qualitative target for your particular activity and to create personalised promotional campaigns via the channels that are likely to bring you the most qualified users for your products and services.

Re-engagement campaigns

Many people download applications to only actually use them once or twice. If they have remained inactive over a long period, it is possible for you to target these internauts in an aim to engaging them once more and showing them all the advantages of your app.

To do so, we focus on the most important and the most engaging action for your business – for example downloading a folder, opening a specific page, etc. The aim of this process is to convince your audience of the value of your application and to prove what it can offer users, by ensuring they use it.

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