SEO Backlinks: popularity analysis

Did you know that the presence of links from external websites to your own site can influence your web indexing? Implementing an efficient netlinking strategy requires avoiding fraudulent practices and favouring quality links from acknowledged sites.

Pertinence of external links

When we analyse your site’s backlinks, we start by examining the fields of interest in which you appear and their pertinence to your activity. We focus on the concerned sector, on the quality of the site in question and on what pages these links redirect to. Recommended sites for these links are those that exert a strong influence on Google, partner sites associated with your activity and popular blogs.

Presence on social media

Reference to your website on social networks is also an indicator of its popularity. To facilitate content sharing and broadcasting via such media, we recommend you:

  • Implement metadata elements pertaining to each social medium
  • Broadcast your pages via social networks
  • Invite users to share your content on social networks thanks to visible share buttons on each of your pages.
  • Use attractive contents that spur the user to share, adding images, videos, graphs and carefully written text.

Fraudulent practice

Google is constantly reinforcing sanctions against fraudulent and non-pertinent netlinking practice. Within this context, we recommend, for example, that you totally proscribe link purchasing systems which, generally originate from poorly qualified sites. Similarly, massive reciprocal link exchanges should also be avoided. The criterion to retain is quality.

If you decide to exchange links with a partner, it is preferable to limit such exchange to a few websites and, if possible, with an acknowledged site for your sector of activity.

Efficient netlinking strategy

Securing your popularity on the Internet requires that you implement a genuine strategy and that you constantly monitor its evolution. Indeed, since these links are made from external websites, unknown platforms may well add non-pertinent references to your domain, without necessarily informing you.

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