A quick look at the positive and blocking factors

One of the three pillars of web indexing lies in the site’s technical development. Several factors inherent to web development can have a positive impact on SEO, whereas others can block page indexing. Among them, site accessibility, language management and content unicity are particularly worthy of mention.

Site accessibility

In order for your web pages to be correctly indexed on search engines, it is essential that you facilitate access to them for both users and robots. To do so, an array of criteria is considered, each one weighing in more or less heavily in the web indexing balance.

For example, a site with a low page speed will tend to enjoy poorer web indexing than a faster version. Indeed, on faster sites, robots will have more time to visit more pages, hence indexing on all content. Similarly, users who have to wait to see a search result load will generally be quicker to leave the site. The resulting high bounce rate will tend to weaken the quality of contents on the page in question.

Note that these technical criteria regularly evolve based on changing Google requirements. For example, although of lesser importance a few years ago, moving to the HTTPS protocol has become a priority.

Language management and multi-region sites

Many websites propose versions of their content in several languages. Yet, such multilingualism is not so easy to control. Indeed, you need to guide robots so that they can detect the language used in the page contents and the other existing versions of the same.

When the target site concerns one unique territory, language management is relatively simple. However, if each language targets a different region, then a clear organisational strategy needs to be implemented covering all content versions. To achieve this, we can advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs and your site’s specificities.

Content unicity

When we conduct a site audit, we also delve into content, but from a more technical angle than adopted for the semantic audit. In this case, we analyse content unicity.

One of the important criteria for your indexing strategy is to offer internauts unique and quality contents likely to favour interaction. It is interesting to note that search engines devalue duplicated pages, i.e. identical pages within the same website or between two different domains.

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