Follow the ranking of your site according to chosen keywords

How visible are you on search engines? Does your site stand out on searches made by internauts on your specific field of activity? Have you gained ground in SERP results following your website’s SEO optimisation? The answers to all of these questions can be found by monitoring your SEO ranking.

New prospects for your Web performance

Thanks to monitoring of your website ranking, you can find out how you are faring in search engine results pages. By comparing two different periods, for example before and after optimisation, you can see the genuine added value yielded by your SEO efforts.

The positions you attain can also offer you a more insightful picture of the data collected during SEO traffic analysis. Can a decrease in natural indexing be explained by poorer exposure on Google or have your results simply failed to attract Internet users? Do the good positions you obtain on certain searches generate more visits and conversions for your website?

How to monitor your Google ranking

The first step in monitoring your website’s SEO ranking is to define a list of keywords likely to be used in searches that are relevant to your company’s activity. The length of this list can vary depending on your needs and sector of activity.

Then, we can begin our project by applying appropriate SEO tools, which help us to identify your website’s positions on each search. These are then applied at regular intervals or following changes to your site. You can then compare the results between the two periods.

Collect accurate date

By identifying your position on each defined search, the tools specifically designed for this type of analysis enable you to perform a diagnosis of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you can adapt your SEO strategy to your genuine situation:

  • Which of your web pages appear on search engine results?
  • On what searches do you rank best?
  • Are these frequent searches or are they rather associated with long tail keywords?
  • Are they made by the user during an informative phase or an active phase? Do they generate conversion?
  • What themes do you need to work on to improve your website’s natural indexing?

Regular and effective Google SEO ranking analysis requires specific skills and appropriate tools. Contact us if you would like our SEO experts to accompany you during your project.

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