Monitor the SEO of your site and boost its traffic

Your website’s very reason for being is to attract visitors and, more specifically, to help you achieve the objectives you have set (sales, quotes, contact requests, newsletter subscriptions, etc.). But how can you ascertain whether your site is really working? By analysing your SEO traffic.

Why you should analyse your website’s traffic

Without quality analysis of your site traffic, you are literally sailing blind. Indeed, you can see neither what may hinder your visitors, nor what pages you need to optimise. You cannot even really determine what benefits your positions in Google results offer you. To try do do so would be delving into the unknown.

In complement to efficient ranking analysis, monitoring your Google traffic is the very basis of your entire on-line marketing.

Google Analytics: The indispensible tool

Free and easy to use, Google’s ‘Analytics’ tool comprises a vast range of functionalities and yields a mine of precious information on your SEO traffic:

  • Your visitors’ profile: geographic origin, language, age, gender, technology used, etc.
  • The source of your traffic: SEO, SEA, direct, etc.
  • The number of visits generated by your natural web indexing
  • The most efficient SEO pages: landing pages, number of visits, time spent on each page, bounce rate, etc.
  • The goals attained thanks to these SEO visits (based on what you define in Google Analytics)

You can achieve a great deal with correct visit tracking and quality data crossing.

Regular reports

Are you feeling a little lost among this mass of data and don’t quite know in which direction to look? We can analyse your SEO traffic for you. We provide you with a regular report resuming all the most pertinent information for your activity. Hence, you can easily monitor your indexing and determine which website optimisations are worthy of your greatest attention.

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