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Web copywriting is different from that of a newspaper or a magazine. To draw the reader’s attention, the web copywriter follows several rules. The aim is to draw the visitor’s attention by placing the key information at the start, by adopting a clear and concise style and by avoiding repetitions whilst taking care with grammar and spelling.

Start with the most important information

So that the user can immediately determine whether the page contents correspond to his/her search, it is advisable to resume key information in the article header. This is what we refer to as the title and the lead. Furthermore, since user comprehension of the content theme is facilitated, this can also improve the page’s indexing.

Adopt a clear and concise style

On the Internet, users are impatient and not necessarily prone to quality concentration. This applies all the more when they browse via a mobile device. Writing web contents means adopting a style that is easy to understand and straight to the point, to ensure you draw and maintain the user’s attention. It is therefore recommended that you use relatively simple vocabulary that is accessible to all and, of course, adapted to suit your target.

Avoid repetitions

This is a standard copywriting rule. However, it proves particularly important when creating web content. Indeed, extending the semantic scope of the theme covered by your page offers a greater range of keywords and favours GoogleBot interpretation.

What’s more, excessive repetition of the same keywords could be interpreted as over-optimisation by search engine robots, resulting in a hindrance to the site’s indexing.

Take care with grammar and spelling

With the advent of new technologies, many new grammar and spelling rules have also emerged. Consequently, we note a great number of mistakes in web publications. This has an adverse effect on your credibility and it diverts the user from your original message.

Providing optimised contents for web indexing that are appropriate to this particular medium requires specific skills. Would you like to review your web contents or create blog articles that bring added value?

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