Good SEO results have nothing to do with chance

A web page reunites a range of different content elements. Each one needs to be designed and created in a manner that will convince, not only the Internet user, but also search engine robots. The key areas to work on include: meta elements, URL structure, sales pitch construction and page architecture.

Title and meta elements

These elements can be found on the upper part (<head>) of an html page. Among other functions, they define the text that will be displayed in search engine results pages and they influence the page’s position.

Hence, the title must include the principal keyword for the page, whereas the meta description must invite the user to click.

URL structure

Building an URL is not a haphazard process – it must abide by certain rules. To maximise your chances of seeing the page appear in the search results, the following must apply:

  • its URL must follow the navigation path,
  • it must not be too long,
  • it must not contain dynamic parameters,
  • it must be devoid of any non-conforming characters,

Main text

The most important SEO optimisations on a web page concern its text and image features. Hence, the following information influences how the page is indexed:

  • the number of keyword repetitions and their density,
  • optimisation of the page’s main title (element H1),
  • other subtitles,
  • image attributes,
  • bold text for certain words,

Page architecture

The construction of the web page’s content implies abiding by certain rules pertaining to layout. Indeed, we don’t read a blog article like we would read a newspaper column. A contents page should make the user want to read further as soon as they have browsed the title and the lead. In a nutshell, it must:

  • provoke clicks,
  • encourage conversion,
  • convince on the results page,

Do you need some recommendations for creating convincing web content whilst encouraging indexing? Our experts can compile your content by optimising each and every feature.

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