Google, as a video giant

Did you know that video is the medium that has enjoyed the most explosive popularity in recent years? As such, YouTube is the ideal medium for broadcasting your advertising, in the form of a video or a web banner. This platform offers the possibility to target your audience based on a range of criteria.

Lightning growth for video

Over the past years, web video has enjoyed extensive growth, bringing with it a multitude of opportunities to seize. Although other competing formats have emerged, none seems capable of countering the great boom enjoyed by YouTube’s international platform. It has gradually become a communication mainstay that no company should ignore.

Beyond the many advantages that are inherent to the medium’s specific characteristics, its growth has also been made possible thanks to the advent of mobile devices and social networks. Indeed, these additional channels incessantly bring this type of message into the limelight.

The advantages of video as a means of communication

Video is a medium offering a wide range of advantages in terms of communication and Internet user engagement:

  1. Development of your storytelling thanks to a message built from coherent and attractive information, broadcast by video in particular. It contributes towards developing a closer relationship with your target. This offers you increased credibility and fosters faster user trust.
  2. Low production costs, for creating a video with a smartphone or a camera has become an increasingly simple task. Certain companies can even play on the authentic slant in order to promote increased audience engagement and to come closer to their users.
  3. Varied contents: YouTube can be used to transmit a great quantity of different information. Whether in the form of a tutorial, a new product launch or even an internal communication plan, there are as many ways of presenting your content as there are opportunities to satisfy your customers’ needs.
  4. Interactivity: this is the principal added value offered by digital video, compared to television. Indeed, thanks to YouTube video, you receive feedback from the signals you send out in the form of comments, shares and viewing time. These responses all represent data that you can interpret in order to adapt your strategy and to amplify its impact.

Reach a relevant audience

In contrast to television, which targets its audience based on the time of the day and the programme, YouTube advertising offers far more specific targeting. By refining it, you can maximise the impact of your message. You can target your audience based on different criteria:

  • Demographic data
  • Centres of interest
  • Internet user searches
  • Forthcoming events

A vast choice of formats

You can publish several types of ad on a YouTube campaign. You select the best format based on the audience you hope to reach. Generally speaking, you can choose between broadcasting an advertisement that is directly integrated within another video, like a TV ad, or a web banner. Whatever format you choose, their creative potential is vast, as are the opportunities to meet your specific goals.

Would you like to invest in convincing and precisely targeted advertising formats? Video is an ideal channel for convincing your customers? YouTube ads are the solution that meets your expectations!

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