LinkedIn becomes obvious in digital marketing

If you are looking to generate quality professional traffic, LinkedIn Ads can help you to specifically target a vast number of professional users, from all sectors. Thanks to LinkedIn campaigns, you have the guarantee of drawing qualified leads. Together, we can integrate this network within your digital strategy.

Reach the right people

LinkedIn enables you to define highly accurate segmentation criteria. When creating a LinkedIn campaign, we help you to choose the most pertinent segmentation strategy to achieve your goals. Thanks to the many targeting parameters proposed by this social medium, you are sure to bring the decision-makers and business leaders you target to consult your website.

Generate qualified leads

LinkedIn offers advertising formats that are adapted to suit your audience: integrated contact forms (Lead Gen Forms), messages (InMail), interactive banners, etc., thanks to which you can easily access contact information for users interested in your products or services.

Make the difference in a market niche

Are you targeting a market niche? Have you already tried different digital communication tools without much success? You’re not alone. Very often, this type of market can prove difficult to reach. This is why we take care to configure your LinkedIn campaigns as accurately as possible, to guarantee you a positive ROI.

Advertising formats to suit your needs

Do you have an email address list you need to (re)activate? Do you want to promote a new product or service? Are you looking to share some important news on your company? We set up your campaigns based on the nature of your communication and your specific needs.

Our methodology for setting up your LinkedIn ads

To implement a LinkedIn advertising campaign, we follow the five steps below:

  • Definition of your global strategy and objectives.
  • Choice of your budget and proposed target according to your message and desired final result.
  • Selection of ad format and campaign configuration.
  • Advert monitoring and optimisation to ensure an ideal conversion rate.
  • Monthly report on the evolution of your results.

Are you looking for a digital solution perfectly adapted to suit the professional sector, across the globe?

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