A curriculum dedicated to Google’s GTM solution

Based on your existing level, we offer basic or advanced Tag Manager courses. All our GTM training sessions are tailor-designed to enable you to independently manage your website tracking and to implement your own tags.

Personalised presentations

Our practical training sessions enable you to directly test your skills in the company of our Google Tag Management experts. Finally, all our training packages include a ‘support’ feature to coach you and to provide answers to all your questions.

GTM training for beginners

This course offers a basic introduction for experienced marketers looking to self-manage tracking of all their digital activity.

Our GTM beginners’ course covers the following subjects:

  1. GTM container and interface
  2. Introduction to DataLayer
  3. Tracking Universal Analytics
  4. Custom html tags and pixel implementation
  5. Auto-event tracking and GTM listeners
  6. Testing and debugging your tags

Advanced Tag Manager training

Designed for trainees who are already familiar with GTM, this advanced course focuses on developing in-depth knowledge of:

  1. Naming convention and account structure
  2. Virtual vision of personalised pages and URLs
  3. Lookup Tables
  4. Personalised variables
  5. Personalised dimensions and metrics
  6. Personalised event triggers

A Google Tag Management tool enables you to manage your webstats and to collect the data that will be of use to you in achieving your goals. Interested?

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