Get the Google Analytics Suite at your fingertips

Based on your existing level, we offer basic or advanced Web Analytics training courses. All courses are adapted to suit your sector and your activity. They teach you how to self-manage your Google Analytics tool and website tracking. We propose the two following training courses: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Our Google Analytics training

We offer analytics training to help you familiarise yourself with the technique or to perfect your existing skills.

Each session comprises both theoretical and practical training. The aim is to teach you the basics, methodology and solutions in order to work on implementing them to suit your specific needs.

  1. The basic analytics course is designed to introduce you to the key functionalities and to offer you an insight into the essential reports the tool offers.
  2. The advanced analytics course allows you to improve your knowledge. We teach you methods for building detailed dashboards, solutions for more complex sites such as ecommerce websites, settings for personalised metrics and dimensions, together with command of the Google Data Studio tool.

At the end of the presentation, our experts are delighted to help you and to answer any questions you may have.

Our Google Tag Manager training

The aim of our training course on the use of the GTM tool is to enable you to self-manage your website tracking and to create the tags that are appropriate to your specific goals. The more interactive the training course is, the more effective the learning process. We also offer two courses depending on your level:

  1. Basic GTM presentation: after an introduction, the course goes on to cover tag creation and auto-event tracking. Finally, you learn how to test implementation of created tags and how to solve any problems you may encounter.
  2. Advanced GTM training: after completion of this course you know how to:
  • Structure an account and name tags,
  • Create virtual page views,
  • Personalise URLs, dimensions, metrics and event listeners,
  • Fix LookUp table settings,
  • etc.

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