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Have you already realised just how long it takes to make the slightest change to your website? For example: to add a new tracking code in order to analyse your marketing campaigns? This type of change (which involves implementing tags) generally requires the help of a developer and, as such, can prove costly and time-consuming to implement. This is why an increasing number of sites use GTMs to track their data.

What is a Tag Manager?

The principle is simple: by adding a line of code to each page on your website, you can control a vast share of your tags without resorting to a web developer. Once this system is implemented, you can easily enhance tagging of your visitors and, consequently, launch far more effective e-marketing campaigns. A tag management system can equally be added to a website or to a mobile application.

Optimal control for high-performance marketing

Have you ever considered retargeting visitors who only consulted certain web pages on your site? Or simply those who placed an article in the basket, without continuing to confirm their purchase? This can all be easily set up thanks to a tagging system.

Furthermore, you can also collect much more information on your visitors. For example: what the weather is like where they are when they consult your site (should you increase your advertising budget when the weather’s fair?). Do they use ad blocking software? How do they explore your website? Is there a step in the buying process that diverts them from their interest in your ecommerce website?

All of these crucial questions can easily and rapidly be answered once your tagging system is installed.

Our approach

Within the context of GTM system implementation, we apply the following methodology:

  1. Together, we determine your needs (what are the most important points for you? What data do we need to collect?)
  2. We send you instructions on how to integrate the system (Google Tag Manager, Dynamic tag management, etc.), which you can transfer direct to your web developer.
  3. We then launch a test phase to ensure that all necessary information is correctly integrated.
  4. Based on your predefined requirements, we then implement the necessary tags for extensive data collection.
  5. If you wish, our SEA specialists can also look after launching and optimising your campaigns thanks to freshly collected data.

Would you like to independently manage tagging your data thanks to Google Tag Manager?

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