Evaluate your performance by tracking the right indicators

The aim of tracking an ecommerce website is to monitor your income on line so that you know where it comes from, in order to correctly direct your marketing decisions. Quality monitoring enables you to collect reliable key figures on your sales and expenditure and to adapt your digital strategy to boost performance.

How does ecommerce tracking work?

The primary vocation of enhanced ecommerce is to analyse key data so you can adjust your strategy and improve results. Among other options, you can identify which advertising generates the most income, you can determine buyer profiles and employ advanced marketing and targeting techniques.

The vast majority of online ecommerce websites use basic statistics by default: number of sales. However, this data is extremely limited and does not allow you to reach your most profitable customers.

Why implement ecommerce analytics?

They can help you to collect the following information:

  • Promotional campaign impressions
  • Clicks on an internal promotional campaign
  • Product impressions, clicks on a given product
  • Viewing of the product page
  • Addition of a product to the basket, removal of a product from the basket
  • Visitor itineraries within the buying process (conversion funnel – do you lose the user at a given stage?), etc.

Such information, which is essential for managing your ecommerce, helps you to implement highly specific action; for example, if a user stops at a given step in the buying process, you can send him/her targeted advertising with a reduction for example to incite order confirmation.

Our ecom tracking methodology

We cover various stages involved in your ecommerce tracking strategy:

  1. Together, we define your specific needs to make sure the information that is useful to your activity is collected.
  2. Based on your needs, we consult and test the entire ecommerce website in order to identify all data pertinent for collection.
  3. We then draft a ‘tag plan’ for use by the web developer in order to insert the necessary scripts in the website source code.
  4. We ensure that information is correctly transmitted to Google Analytics and request any required adjustments.

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