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Tree structure is the founding basis of any website. As the frame for the site, it must be meticulously designed in order to satisfy user demands. It is also a major tool for SEO. Reviewing site architecture consists in identifying pertinent keywords in order to develop a new and more appropriate tree view.

Identifying keywords

Before taking a look at the site’s architecture, we begin by examining the principal keywords that pertain to your activity, via semantic analysis. For good website navigation, the priority keywords are those that generate the highest search volume. Once the most relevant keywords have been determined for your specific products or services, themes can be created in the form of blocks of coherent keywords.

Analysis of the existing structure

Identifying interesting themes and keywords for your website enables you to analyse the existing structure with these elements in mind. Generally, the most frequent issues we encounter are an excessively simple site structure or a structure that is too complex, including a number of submenus.

This is the first feature to assess when redesigning a website. A rudimentary site architecture will complicate your ranking on search engines, whereas an overtly laborious structure will add obstacles to the user journey and visitors will tend to leave the site more quickly.

The new site structure

Analysing your existing website architecture compared with your semantic analysis will help you to determine whether or not it requires redevelopment. In certain cases, modifications exclusively concern terminology preferences for menus and submenus, i.e. simple keyword changes.

In certain circumstances, we recommend that you completely review your site’s tree structure by totally reorganising its content. This can require the creation of new landing pages in order to satisfy your users’ requirements and to offer your site an improved ranking on a given theme.

Would you like to restructure your website’s tree view and improve your web indexing whilst generating more traffic?

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