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Our training in optimised web copywriting for natural web indexing aims at teaching you the basics of web copywriting, whilst highlighting the elements to consider for improving indexing for your created content.

The specificities of website copywriting

The Internet is a highly specific medium that requires a particular style of writing. Content is important at each step in the customer journey. It therefore needs to be groomed in order to acquire new clients and to guarantee their conversion and retention.

We begin the training course by explaining the characteristics of web copywriting and the rules to apply to ensure you satisfy user needs and search engine requirements.

Sticking to your editorial strategy

Before beginning to create any web content whatsoever, you must have already established a global editorial strategy that defines a clear copywriting code, adapted to suit your targets. During the training course, we present the various elements to consider when devising this strategy, such as deciding on a specific tone, voice and message type.

Choosing the right keywords

Before embarking on actually drafting your web page, it is essential that you do some keyword research in order to identify the most interesting terms to employ to favour your web indexing. During training, we define the ideal keyword for SEO. We then share a few of our tricks for conducting pertinent and effective semantic analysis.

Optimisation of on-page elements

Whereas the web writer’s editorial skills are, of course, of capital importance, certain features on your page must also be correctly optimised to ensure the best web indexing. For example, the hierarchical organisation of titles and sub-titles, the division of text into paragraphs and naming of images all have an influence on SEO.

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