Here are the keys to a good SEO

Would you like to learn the basics of SEO web indexing to optimise your website’s positioning? Learn more via one of our two training courses. The first course is more technical, focusing on the fundamental principles of natural indexing, whereas the second course deals with creating web contents that are the most compatible with SEO.

Natural web indexing training

Natural web indexing relies on three fundamental features:

  • content,
  • the site’s technical design,
  • the external links that characterise its popularity.

Our SEO web indexing training offers an insight into the basic principles of the discipline, focusing specifically on the key concepts of each of the aforementioned features. The first part of the course concentrates on the elements that comprise the site content, i.e. text, images, video and layout. The second part approaches the more technical aspects likely to favour or hinder excellent site indexing. Finally, the last part of the SEO training course deals with good practice in terms of backlinks and partners to avoid.

Training in SEO optimised copy

Site content is one of the founding elements of SEO. Our SEO-optimised copy course offers marketing teams excellent advice on how to draft convincing content, whilst guaranteeing its excellent indexing and positive impact on the natural indexing of the page in question.

Recommended practice includes, in particular, content creation around a particular theme, on-page content optimisation and reference to a contents strategy that invites the user to click and provokes user engagement.

Each of our web indexing training courses is adapted to suit your needs and your existing level of knowledge of the digital world and of indexing. They are backed by practical examples which help you to more easily grasp the concepts covered during the course. Finally, our presentations are also punctuated by a number of application exercises so that you familiarise yourself with all the notions that are associated with indexing.

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