Website analysis

Are you planning to conduct a natural indexing audit for your website? This type of website analysis is a major project, but what exactly does it entail? And what is the difference between the web developer’s and the web indexing agency’s job?

Semantic analysis

If your website is struggling to work its way up the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), then take a closer look at your contents. In a nutshell: a good ranking in search engine results is not simply a matter of keywords. Yet they do form the basis of good SEO optimisation; from your website’s structure to page content via internal linking. Discover what semantic analysis covers within the context of a website audit with Universem.


  • Generic keywords and long tail
  • Hierarchy of content
  • Highlighting content
  • Content marketing strategy

Technical audit:

The technical audit concerns fundamental aspects of the site that are not always visible for the user. For example, a visitor can access all site content, whereas a search engine faces a number of technical hurdles that prevent pages from being indexed.

Thanks to the technical audit, we establish how healthy your website is and recommend a list of measures to implement by order of priority to ensure your site quality web indexing.


  • Architecture
  • Source code
  • CMS / E-Commerce plateform

Factors associated with popularity

Take a selection of Google updates. Add some mediocre content, a hint of questionable or outdated methods, and you will find yourself with an explosive cocktail that will send you spinning fast and far, very far from the first search engine results page. Yet this type of worst scenario doesn’t only happen to others.

To start with, you need to check that you have a healthy netlinking strategy, to avoid penalties. Website popularity is closely linked to your company’s public relations or partnership strategy. This is why we urge our clients to consider it over an approach that stretches well beyond natural indexing, in the strictest sense of the term.


  • Barrier to share
  • Social media
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Recommendations about the improvement of the popularity according to current search engines guidelines

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