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Are you looking to generate new leads and to engage your website’s users? Building an editorial strategy and a calendar of your web publications can help you achieve this. Content strategy begins by defining the objectives and personae that will serve as inspiration for your editorial slant and help you establish a list of subjects to broach, depending on your activity’s seasonality.

The aim of editorial strategy

First and foremost, you need to determine the aim of implementing a content strategy. Do you want to increase site traffic? Boost brand renown? Generate conversions? Or simply inform the public? This will enable you to direct your strategy so that it best satisfies these needs.

Defining personae

Content that is perfectly optimised for web indexing and relies on a powerful strategy should also satisfy the requirements of a defined target. To fully grasp your needs, we represent your market in the form of personae. A persona is a fictional individual who characterises a segment of your target.

Creating an editorial slant

After defining your users’ profile, you then need to turn to adapting your communication in response to their needs. This is the vocation of your editorial slant which enables you to give substance to your discourse by choosing the voice, the tone and the type of message you wish to convey.

Then, to give added depth to your content, you need to pay attention to layout and to select the social media that is most likely to reinforce the impact of your articles and pages by favouring interaction.

Developing an editorial calendar

The last phase in developing your comprehensive content strategy involves creating a web publication calendar. Essentially designed for blog articles, it enables you to draw up a list of the different subjects you wish to approach by setting a publication date for each and every one of them.

To set these dates, you must analyse your activity’s seasonality, possible events and important keyword searches.

Regular content creation on a site enables you to generate more contacts, whilst engaging your customers. Would you like to implement an editorial strategy?

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