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Are you looking to improve your website’s natural indexing? Content and SEO work hand in hand! Well-optimised content is one of the leading criteria that can offer your site the best positioning via search engines. It relies on efficient content strategy, on correctly presented ‘on-page’ features and on appropriate web copywriting.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about quality content that’s relevant and customised for your target audience. It will also give you several more advantages:

Generating traffic

Increasing the number of visitors to your site – quality visitors with high conversion potential.

Improving return visits

Encouraging visitors is good, but making them return is even better! Give your visitors a reason to return to your site regularly.

Developing a reputation

Build a reputation among your target audience. Increase brand recognition and engage potential clients in digital conversation.

Increasing conversions

Get more from your website. A sound digital plan can increase conversions.

Editorial strategy and calendar

Before starting to rewrite your web pages or to redraft blog articles, it is important that you devise an efficient editorial strategy. This will serve as a reference for creating value-added content that suits your target, is pertinent for web indexing and generates engagement from your users.

Once you have drawn an inventory of all existing content, you then need to define your users’ profile in order to adopt an editorial slant that reflects your brand image. Finally, planning your web copywriting via an editorial calendar will ensure regular content production.

SEO on-page optimisation

Did you know that hierarchically organising text or the manner in which an URL is built can influence your Google indexing? A web page includes a range of content formats, some of which are invisible to the user but, when correctly articulated, can reinforce your SEO positioning.

By studying the composition of these various elements, we can propose on-page optimisation solutions including recommendations you can apply to all your web pages.

Web copywriting

Many think that Web copywriting is a task almost anyone can successfully complete. Yet, whereas the digital world offers us all the leisure to create our own contents and to share them on the Internet, writing SEO-friendly content requires a specific technique. Faced with the multitude of contents already published on the web, how can you make the difference?

In order to put forward a web page that is suitable for effective natural indexing, we focus on a specific subject and on the interesting keywords it associates. We then take great care to study the theme, in order to adopt an angle appropriate to your activity and your values.

A 4-step program

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  • Content strategy

    • Keyword analysis
    • Trends study
    • Competitor analysis
    • Content inventory
    • Persona definition
    • Editorial calendar
  • Content creation

    • Editorial processes
    • Editorial guidelines
    • Content repurposing
    • SEO writing
    • SEO translation
  • Content distribution (viral)

    • CMS
    • E-mailing
    • Social media
  • Specific result monitoring

    • Trafic analysis
    • Goal analysis
    • Presentation of results
    • Strategy adjustment

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