How to improve your SEO?

Your company exposure on search engines is one of your marketing department’s key concerns. Over and above the range of advertising options available, it is also important that you are naturally identified in your target audience searches. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation.

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SEO audit

To guarantee you the best position in search engine results, it is essential that you establish whether your website already has all the necessary positive features. To do so, a web indexing audit is the ideal tool. It will yield a range of recommendations to improve your SEO from a semantic, technical and popularity-based angle.

Redeveloping your website

Are you planning to embark on redesigning your website? This offers you a perfect opportunity to completely review its structure and to adapt it to best respond to your target’s searches. You must also take care to choose the right time to publish your site. Migration is a crucial step in ensuring you preserve your former site’s history and popularity.

Content marketing

The contents of your site are of considerable importance for your organic indexing strategy. Indeed, beyond drawing the internaut’s attention and convincing, it must also satisfy certain search engine requirements. Editorial strategy, page optimisation and web content creation… discover all the ingredients of content marketing.

Content marketing

Monitor your indexing

Have you ever wondered how your website fares in terms of natural web indexing performance? Thanks to SEO monitoring, you obtain a far clearer picture, not only of your own position on relevant search themes, but also of that of your competitors. You are also aware of the added value brought by the visits you successfully generate.

SEO training

Would you like to look after perfecting your website, either by redrafting optimised contents or by checking for features that block web robots? We offer several SEO web indexing training courses to help you improve your digital marketing approach.

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