A Google Partner Premier agency to train you

During our Google AdWords training courses, we begin by introducing you to the digital advertising landscape and the characteristics of the various available advertising formats. We then offer you some advice on how to implement and optimise your online advertising campaigns. The presentation is adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Presentation of different advertising formats

Our search engine advertising training course generally begins with an overview of the most widely used digital advertising formats. This offers you a larger insight into the potential offered by online advertising and the opportunities that best suit your activity and your user needs. Based on your requirements, we can concentrate on a specific medium.

How online ads work

We then go on to offer you an overall explanation of Google AdWords, so that you can easily and fully grasp the different advertising formats available to you. More specifically, and based on your own needs, we delve deeper into how one or another platform work, such as YouTube, Bing or Facebook for example.

Advertising campaign implementation and optimization

Once the theoretical part of your training course is complete, we then move on to practical aspects and explain to you the process involved in implementing your online advertising campaigns in order to achieve the best results. Well beyond the technical training our Google Adwords course offers you, it also facilitates reading and understanding the monthly reports you receive.

Adapted to suit your specific needs and skills

Prior to the presentation, we contact you in order to determine which particular subjects you wish to broach. You decide what direction you want your digital advertising training to take, whether you want cover digital advertising in its entirety or whether you prefer to focus on a particular subject or advertising format.

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