The Bing network to support your campaigns

Bing is the second-ranking search engine in France. With around a fifth of the total market, this medium is well worth your company’s interest. Bing search ads can help you reach a target that you will not find on Google and on social media. They are also very affordable and simple to set up.

Bing advertising: have you given it some thought?

It is of no surprise to learn that France’s leading search engine is Google. But did you know that Bing holds some 19% of the market share in our country? Of course, the scope of an emarketing campaign via this medium is inferior; however, should you, for as much, neglect a tool that is capable of reaching users that are within your target and with an interest in your services?

The advantages of Bing search ads

The use of Bing ads as an advertising medium offers several advantages: Among them:

  • Simplified campaign set-up. Ads are imported from AdWords. They are therefore optimised only once.
  • Targeting of a new audience that may be difficult to reach via Google, YouTube or social networks.
  • Fast implementation and measurable results.
  • Interesting rates thanks to lesser competition. It is easier and less expensive for you to be placed among the leading positions in search results.
  • Multiple objectives and formats: application, search, display, remarketing, etc.

Our methodology for setting up a Bing advert

In order to guarantee you the best results, our experts proceed as follows when creating a Bing advertising campaign:

  1. Analysis of customer needs. This enables us to choose the most appropriate type of ad to suit your activity and your target’s expectations.
  2. Identification of adequate keywords for ad implementation.
  3. Weekly optimisation and monthly reporting to ensure the most effective strategy.

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