Web Analytics & Customer Intelligence

measure your ROI

What’s happening on your website ? Who are your visitors ? How are your campaigns (really) doing ? 


Know exactly the results of your digital actions !

Web Analytics: analysis of the effectiveness of your e-marketing investments.



Establishing Web Analytics solutions to your website takes 5 steps :


1. Setting clear and quantifiable objectives

Definition of business objectives

Selection of Key Performance Indicators

2. Tagging Plan

List of codes to implement on your website in order to register actions you need to measure

3. Tool setting

Filter setup to have a clear view on information

Optimizing account structure

Setting goals in your analytics tool and implementation of the associated conversion funnel

4. Monitoring of technical implementation

Implementation tests on a testsite and exchanges to ensure optimal implementation

Tests on website

5. Création of Dashboards or Reports

Based on your needs, we create dashboards and custom reports






You have implemented basic Web Analytics ?

Here are the advanced services :


Creation of Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to follow the evolution of your website daily and quickly detect any abnormalities

Analysis of your website’s evolution

Occasional or monthly analysis by an expert in order to analyze a feature or particular campaigns

Google Analytics Training

Training to teach your team how to use Google Analytics and analyze rapidly any problem on website

Customer Analytics

Implementation of advanced settings to monitor the actions of your clients on the website.

A/B Testing

Tests to determine the best performing page proposals from several pages.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion optimization is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website/app that convert into customers.




Our best asset:


Our resolutely ROI-oriented aprroach, focusing on your goals. 


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