SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

gain visibility in search results

To fully understand the importance of SEO, consider these two questions.

1. On Google, does your site show up when you use the top keywords for your activity?

2. Does it rank well among its competitors?

If you’re not sure, keep reading. We think you’ll be interested.

What is SEO?

SEO is about examining your site to make sure it meets search engine requirements – the most important in Belgium and Europe being Google. Their algorithm involves hundreds of criteria, but there are 3 areas that can always be improved: technical development, content and popularity.





How will optimised search rankings benefit my site?


Greater visibility

Pages will appear higher and more frequently in search results for the chosen keywords.

Free traffic, and more of it

A well-optimised site generates more traffic. This traffic doesn’t cost anything.

Better targeted traffic

Good SEO allows you to attract customers interested in your services and who are therefore more likely to convert. Better traffic potentially means more leads and clients!

Visible, long-term results

An optimised site gains visible results in the weeks after changes are made. These results tend to be stable and valid in the long term.



How will you improve SEO on my site?





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