What are we talking about?

Digital strategy calls upon all fields of digital marketing. It defines objectives and the resources required to measure the results of specific business actions.
This involves the elaboration of a global action plan, drawn from your own input and by studying your competitors.
It reunites pertinent solutions, priorities and deployable means for achieving your business goals.
It also determines what should be measured in order to assess your return on investment.

Marketing strategy: New paradigm, new approach!

The world is changing fast; consumers are constantly on the move; in the past, businesses developed marketing strategy plans over a period of 3 to 5 years. What’s more, companies base their strategy on outdated models (product/market, 4Ps). Yet, in the new digital world, the customer must be the focus of attention when developing business strategies. For the company to survive, it is therefore essential that it understands its market and, in particular, fully grasps the needs of its customers/consumers.

Would you like to improve your sales and marketing?

You will already have realised that we are moving from an industry/model where an offer arrived on the market and the consumer adjusted, towards an industry/model where demand dictates what we must produce/offer.
This is why Universem has developed a new and unique model for elaborating marketing strategy and that will enable you to increase both your sales and your business renown.

Marketing Customer Model© by Universem

The Marketing Customer Model© developed by Universem offers a new approach to developing digital marketing strategy based on data and Customer Intelligence.

Why this approach is important for businesses and what makes it pertinent

The model relies on an approach based on available data both within the company (Web/Mobile Analytics, BI, CRM) and outside (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, surveys, etc.). It comprises 5 major features (Market, Business, Acquisition, Conversion and Retention). The Business feature is divided into several subparts (Branding, Products/services, Competitors, Customer). By answering each of the questions in the data-based model, we can precisely define the strategic action required to achieve the objectives set at the start of the project.

Monitoring your digital communication strategy

This strategy model relies on dynamic consumer data and, as such, it is useful to update the model several times a year. The action plan that results from our strategy acts as a continuous thread throughout our business partnership. It is naturally adapted to suit the present economic situation and any novelties in the field of digital marketing; it also evolves in line with the initial results obtained from our joint action.

Let’s elaborate your marketing together, using our Marketing Customer Model. Benefit from guidance from a specialised digital strategy consultancy to boost your sales figure, your exposure and your traffic.

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