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Last month, our agency joined the 142 agencies awarded with the three Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio certifications. Certifications which, on the one hand, endorse our expertise in the field of Web Analytics and which, on the other hand, guarantee our partners the great quality of our deliverables.

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A certification in line with our value-added proposals

Our teams take systematic care to place Data at the heart of your digital strategy. Based on your chosen strategy and your organisation’s predetermined aims, we develop and implement marketing tactics, the results of which are continuously measured.

For evaluating your platform’s performance is absolutely essential. Of course, some highlight the limits of Web Analytics compared to a Customer Centric approach. However, Google’s latest Analytics suite (also known as the 360 Suite) offers incredible potential in measuring the return on investment (ROI) yeilded by specific action.

It all depends on which performance indicators you are looking to monitor. For, in contrast to results observed in other fields, statistics pertaining to the number of visits to a particular website can sometimes overwhelm unfamiliar users. This is why it is essential you select the right KPIs. Indeed, order for your platform to progress you need to monitor where you are performing well.

Intersectorial certification

Our teams, of course, have extensive experience in a vast range of different sectors. And each sector has its own specificities and, consequently, its performance needs to be measured via different indicators. For example, some of our clients monitor their Brand Performance Index. This KPI is the product of several dimensions (i.e. it is a composite indicator), which are determined based on their sector of activity.

Let’s take the example of an e-commerce website. It could prove interesting to monitor the following features:

  • Global conversion rate
  • Per source conversion rate
  • Value of the average basket
  • Basket abandonment rate
  • Customer Loyalty level (based on the sales figure generated by recurrent customers)

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The pertinence of each indicator needs to be analysed. Similarly, the life cycle of a KPI is generally linked to a strategy developed for a specific timescale, the duration of which can vary.

So what about a site aimed at generating sales opportunities (leads)?

  • Features that are specific to your micro and macro conversions (subscriptions to a Newsletter, CTA per page and per source)
  • Connection duration and bounce rate
  • Performance of pages referred to as ‘pivots’ (pages that are systematically consulted by your audience prior to sending a contact form)
  • Form performance (optional field completion rate, abandonment rate, etc.)
  • Number of ‘Leads’ generated and associated costs (the famous CPL)

A third category could be in the form of press or content sites, the income from which would essentially be yielded through advertising. In this case, you could measure KPIs such as:

  • The CTR (Click-through rate) on proposed adverts
  • The Returning Visitors rate
  • Subscriptions to a possible Newsletter
  • The duration of web sessions per content type

Not forgetting scores for your offline actions, which can directly or indirectly influence your audience’s behaviour. Associating each of your marketing indicators, in order to best calculate your profitability, is not necessarily the simplest of tasks. And what about the readability and the interpretation of these results?

Dashboard Google Data Studio

The advantages of dashboards for monitoring your marketing action

This is where our Google Data Studio and our ‘Dashboard & Analytics’ experts enter the scene. Just like a composer would successively add notes to his score, based on your aims, they identify the Metrics that are essential for correctly measuring your marketing and they study their interactions. They then consolidate them and organise them around priorities such as brand renown, audience attention or receptiveness.

Web Analytics are a genuine gold mine. Combined with other tools such as CRM, or your ERP, they help you to transform simple data into information aimed at future action. Associated within the right dashboards, they help marketing specialists to make the right decisions and, therefore, to boost their performance.

In a nutshell, they offer you a clear view of the impact of each and every action engaged, so that you can efficiently control them.

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