Universem joins the DALL-Int. family of independent digital marketing agencies

The digital world is changing fast – and marketing is no exception. The relationship between agencies and partners is crucial. And while there is plenty of best practice out there, this relationship is not always easy to manage. Many big media groups rely on the expertise of local staff to change the way they do things. But things don’t always go according to plan.

That is why seven agencies have joined forces to set up Digital Alliance International, or DALL-Int. for short – to remain at the cutting edge of their industry and deliver the very best service to their clients without losing their independence. Its members are among the top 3% of Premier Google Partners in Europe, and the alliance recently held its official launch event at the search giant’s headquarters in Dublin.

Covering 10 different markets, the alliance will enable its members to expand their reach across Europe.

Three founding principles

All members have signed up to the DALL Manifesto, which sets out three founding principles that guide how they conduct their business:

  1. Consistent, documented top-notch results for clients: abundant portfolio of successful case stories.
  2. Whole-hearted, international cooperation – sharing is caring: full disclosure and proactive knowledge sharing with other members.
  3. Thought and action leadership – digital disruptor: always updated on trends and bleeding edge opportunities.

Healthy cooperation that works for advertisers

The alliance is guided by strong values and an ambition to bring advertisers a dual benefit: the time-served expertise of agile, independent agencies, and the weight of a multi-disciplinary, pan-European organisation.

While each agency remains independent, they can bring in other alliance members to help cater to the local or general needs of their clients.

“We have formed a strong alliance to ensure international customers best-in-class local expertise provided by top-performing digital marketing agencies,” said Allan Jørgensen, spokesman for DALL-Int. “With over 400 specialists and more than 50 different certifications across all aspects of digital marketing [SEO, Content Marketing, SEA, Social Media Advertising, Analytics, etc.], the alliance covers literally every area of expertise.”

People will be talking about this great initiative for a long time to come!

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