GTM Certified Partner BadgeThe whole team is very proud and enthousiast to announce the great news: Universem is now ‘Google Tag Manager Certified Partner’ ! It is an additional acknowledgement of credibility from Google after the “Google Analytics Certified Partner Certification” obtained less than a year ago ! It confirms also the expertise of the team when it comes to advanced features of Web & Customer Analytics.

With this award, Universem becomes the 4th belgian agency and enters the closed circle of 100 agencies worldwide having this certification ! We are also the only independant Belgian consulting company to hold this certification. You’ll understand the whole team is absolutely thrilled with this great achievement !

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This certification was obtained following numerous and successful Web Analytics & Customer Intelligence projects via the Google Tag Manager tool (including Carrefour Belgium and UNICEF, among others) as well as a process of selection and accreditation conducted by Google and started several months ago.

Tag management tools: what are they ?

In short, Google Tag Manager is a tag management tool we use at Universem among others (Tag Commander, Tealium, etc.). One of the main features of these tools is to facilitate and improve the implementation of tools for analysis and measurement of users behavior. This allows to improve indirectly the return on investment and profitability of many digital platforms (websites, mobile applications, …). Once the Tag Management tool is implemented, the addition or modification of these Web Analytics tools can be more efficient without having to drop by developers for instance.

For more advanced users and developers who would like go further in the understanding of Google Tag Manager, don’t hesitate to read our blog article about GTM or to watch this introductory video on YouTube.

What’s the interest for Universem’s customers ?

Besides the credibility that such a certification provides, this allows Universem to stay ahead in the strategic area of “Customer Analytics”. We guide our customers through consulting services ranging from audit reporting to the implementation of date management platforms to their extensive exploitation. We aim to draw relevant insights having a real impact on profitability. This certification also enables us to strengthen our close collaboration with Google, one of the key players of Digital Marketing, and which we can share with the announcers.

Since the launch of our activities, we always managed to combine the power of Web Analytics with SEO/Content Marketing and online advertising in order to measure and optimise our clients’ digital marketing.

You wish to discorver what these tools could mean to your marketing ? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this with our experts.

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