In May 2018, the new European legislation ‘GDPR’ came into force. These privacy laws change the way personal data is handled online. The law includes all information related to an individual, such as names, photos, email addresses, bank details, social media posts, location data and more. This is a major adjustment, which even after 2 years has not yet been implemented by everyone.

What are the consequences?

Due to the GDPR, the number of questions and complaints from individual users online about their data protection and privacy rights have increased considerably. The European Data Protection Board reports that 144,376 questions and complaints have been sent to various European data protection authorities since May 2018. It is therefore clear that respecting the GDPR-rules is becoming increasingly important to the online public.

It is also best to avoid breaking any of the GDPR-laws. At the end of 2019, the first fine for improper use of cookies, which was not in compliance with the GDPR, was imposed in Belgium by the Data Protection Authority (GBA) on the site One of the most recent fines was for the dating site Twoo. The fine amounted to a total of 50,000€.

What can Universem do?

Enough reason to find out exactly how the GDPR and the use of cookies works on your website. And here Universem can help.

We review and document all cookies that have been placed on your website and which cookies can be considered risky. With your support or the support of your attorney, we will adapt and customize the way you collect and analyze data to ensure that it complies with your interpretation of the GDPR.

By setting up an advanced GDPR setting, you can continue to perform in-depth analysis and accurate targeting. In addition, we ensure that your visitors always have the option to choose the type of cookies they accept.

Our GDPR set-up includes:

  • Documentation of all cookies used
  • Activate analytics/ad cookies only when cookies are accepted
  • Allow the visitor the choice between different types of consents
  • The confirmation in Google Analytics of the cookies
  • The implementation of the cookie banner (in accordance with your website design) and the link with Google Tag Manager.

Interested in how Universem can help your website make GDPR-proof?

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